Nathan Chen sets the world record at the Olympics and in our hearts

Nathan Chen.

He’s a revolutionary American figure skater who has demonstrated his strength and passion for the sport through his accomplishments of being a three time consecutive Grand Prix Final champion, six time U.S national champion, 2017 Four Continents champion, a three time world champion and recently, at the 2022 Olympic Beijing games just shy of two weeks ago, an Olympic champion.

What makes this recent event so significant is that this is a story of redemption. In 2018, his first Olympic debut in PyeongChang, South Korea, Chen finished a disappointing seventeenth place due to failing all attempted jumps and even falling down in the Men’s Free Skate. However, after a victory in the long program he was able to bring his placing to fifth place. Chen states that this experience changed his perspective on life and the sport as well, bringing this drive to the recent Olympic games where he delicately demolished all competition with five perfect quadruple jumps, resulting in a breathtaking performance that was awarded a breaking world record of 113.97 points.

Chen, is an inspiration to all, displaying his dedication and hard work through every landed axel jump and graceful crossovers, even earning the name “Quad King” for his skill to execute the various quadruple jumps with ease. It would not do justice to the Quad King to withdraw any commentary on his ability to evoke such emotion through his performance. Mesmerizing his audience with sincerity through the way he skates and puts emotions into his hand and body movements, he commands all of your attention as your worries are melted away and makes you feel listened to.

While only being 22 years old, Nathan Chen is quite an extraordinary individual with promising qualities that hint at more to come. The rest of the world awaits his next captivating performance and wonders what else this gorgeous man can do.

Here is the link to watch his world record performance.