The Sound of Silence

What do places look like now with Covid-19?


Amerie Zaininger

a hallway in the Fox valley mall which is now fairly empty

Amerie Zaininger, Staff Writer

After COVID-19 hit, we got all these restrictions and guidelines to help keep ourselves and others around us safe. Slowly our lives have begun to return to normal, but not completely. Although having eased up on restrictions, public areas still aren’t quite back to normal. Maybe this is the new normal. Either way, things are different now and places we have probably visited before COVID can feel so, so empty.

a wide-shot picture of only part of the Downtown train stations nearby parking lot (Amerie Zaininger)
One of Neuqua’s parking lots. the smaller one. but still not entirely full (Amerie Zaininger)
the AMC movie theater parking lot which Normally would be somewhat full to packed. but now almost empty. (Amerie Zaininger)
A hallway in the Fox valley mall which is now fairly empty (Amerie Zaininger)
A Panera dining area which would normally be fairly full. (Amerie Zaininger)
A bus driver is practicing his route for school bus stops but nobody is getting on (Amerie Zaininger)
A Downtown street where there would be more people walking about (Amerie Zaininger)
A parking spaces sign displaying vacant spots (Amerie Zaininger)