Schaub’s play is some- “thing to” see

A preview of the upcoming school play: “Things Not to Do”


Rianna Panergalin , Editor-in-Chief

As the year continues, the theatre department showcases a variety of shows that are always entertaining. An anticipated show is William Schaub’s self-made play called “Things Not to Do.” It follows the vignettes of 12 different students as they combat the trials of high school. It has “everything from funny, heartwarming, and heartbreaking,” Schaub explains about the diversity of the show. 

The issues that are presented in the play “are issues that are similar to [what] high schoolers face every day,” Schaub said. Whether the issue is identity, dating, loyalty to friends or bullying, it is covered in this show. Schaub’s inspiration came from everything: from his high school students, his own high school experience and even his personal life. The title itself came from Schaub’s son, who created a game he called “things not to do.” He also got inspiration from a podcast where the main protagonist, who is on the autism spectrum, is navigating his way through the world so he creates a list of “things not to do” in order to not make those around him mad. 

The screenplay was written five years ago, encouraged by Michael Rossi, another English teacher. It took Schaub a couple of years to decide what he wanted to write the play about. “All I [knew] [was] that I wanted to be relevant to kids today, and I decided that I didn’t want any adults in it at all. I wanted it to be as believable as possible.” Schaub was very assertive about how the play would be and how he wanted to present it. When it came time to getting the screenplay on stage, Schaub says,  “there were very light revisions to the original. I am a stickler for dialogue and if dialogue doesn’t sound right it bugs me.” Since the show handles a lot of realistic issues he didn’t want the show to be “another morality show; [he] wanted kids to sound like kids.” 

Transparency and relatability are big factors in this play. Comedy, drama and heartbreak – there’s nothing that this show doesn’t seem to have. “Things Not to Do” is a piece about students, helped by students, for students.